Workflow and document management

Would you like to store and find all your documents efficiently?

Nowadays, nearly all information is available in electronic form. However, searching for information is frequently a very time-consuming process.

Our idea goes by the name of DMS (Document Management System). In the DMS all documents are stored and can be located quickly and at any time via a full text search. This does however require so-called meta data (index data) which is linked with the actual document.

As “Middleware”, our scanning solution provides the bridge between MFP and DMS and enables the documents to be placed into the required form before being saved in the DMS. To do this we install an app on the MFP which calls up the required meta data (e.g. file name, user ID, client number etc.) via a user dialogue and forwards this information to the DMS. AnOCRprocess (text recognition) also enables the scanned image information to be converted to a text file (searchable PDF or WinWord).

Worth knowing: Even though the document background process can be very complex it remains simple to use thanks to the app on the MFP!

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