Output management and plug & print solutions

Simplify the output of your documents - and save time and money.

Output Management

Even today paper documents are still needed for some business processes. For example: a great business idea with a web shop. It’s often forgotten in this context that the product still has to reach the client somehow or other and that corresponding printed logistics documents are needed.

If the printer goes on strike the business process comes to a halt and the client is left waiting in vain for his product. Output Management is more than just maximum efficiency in the printing of paper documents.

To ensure optimum communication, internal and external information must be supplied in various formats as and when required so that entire workflows can be processed. In summary: optimum, prompt and efficient processing and monitoring of the entire business process.

Plug & Print Solutions

We have standardised some of our solutions to the extent that even untrained personnel can start using them within a few minutes. These are marketed as “Plug & Print” printer modules and offer functions for example such as the printing ofOCR-B for payment slips, barcodes or the processing of IPDS print flows fromIBM-HOST& AS/400 environments.

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