OCR-B Druck für Einzahlungsscheine auf HP LaserJet Geraeten

OCR-B printing on HP LaserJet printers

Lower costs by using OCR-B...

In Switzerland and some other European countries is the so-called "paying-in slip" used for payments. These can either be filled out by handwriting, or is filled out and coded by computer. The necessary codeline in addition (VESR, ESR) must be printed in the font OCR-B, as this can be read in the post office by machines. The advantage of the coded paying-in slip is the lower expenses rather the expenses which the post office or bank to the exhibitor settles. Pay attention on false readings (rejects) for which a "fine" is to be performed. The most important one is the legibility of the OCR-B line. This can be reached with our module by the fact, that we have realized OCR-B as a printer-internal font modul by each expression, availability and pressure quality is always guaranteed.
With OCR-B font in the format TrueType and PostScript the real screen of the characters is done by the printer driver and afterwards is sent as a screen graphic to the printer. Because from time to time new printer drivers are available, the pressure result, the pressure quality and position can be changed with every new printer driver. This often leads to wrong readings and finally to high fees, to this we advise strictly against it and none such " build solutions " in the assortment lead.
Our OCR module is directly supported by the HP and Microsoft printer drivers as a " Font cassette HP-BarCodes and More "

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