Business Connect for AutoStore

Capture, process and route paper and electronic documents - from anywhere at anytime!

Capture On-The-Go

Your mobile device is a source for capturing business information while on-the-go. With Nuance Business Connect, you can securely deliver information back into your company’s business processes regardless if it originates as a picture you took on your device, an email attachment, a file you downloaded from a cloud-hosted service or from any other application on your mobile device.

Capture From Any File Available on the Device

Nuance Business Connect allows capturing immediately from mobile email attachments or any other accessible files stored on your mobile device, to further index and send them directly into the appropriate enterprise applications for further processing, all from your favorite mobile device.

Improve The Quality And Consistency Of Field Collected Data

Go for maximum data quality. Looking up information on a customer, patient, or product and displaying it on your mobile device is now easier than ever. Nuance Business Connect delivers an intelligent and interactive user experience - with data validation, mandatory fields, business rules, and automated recommendations to dramatically improve the quality and consistency of the data collected in the field.

Secure File Access with MyFiles

With Nuance Business Connect, your Home folder on your network is securely extended to your mobile device. Compliant with an organization’s security policies, Nuance Business Connect provides remote team members with easy access to their work files. As a result, business processes can still continue, and critical documents can still be viewed and delivered into any AutoStore orchestrated process. This feature currently supports Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) as well as Adobe PDF.

Mobile e-Forms On-The-Go

Forget about having to find, print, carry, and return paper forms. With Nuance Business Connect you can now extend back office business applications directly to your mobile device. New patient admittance, claims processing, or any other forms-based application - capture Information from any file available on the device and securely deliver it to your remote workforce.

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